Great Ideas for an Awesome Asian-Inspired Party

Asian countries and cultures have always captivated the hearts and imaginations of people from around the world. This is because Asian cultures are steeped with sacred traditions and beliefs, mystery and wonder. With such deeply rich cultures, it’s no surprise that people living in the western and southern parts of the world would be drawn to anything Asian. Many times they let it inspire and influence their preferences in different areas which include, among many other things, party themes!   We at Palms Restaurant know a thing or two about parties, especially Asian-themed ones. Asian-inspired parties are excellent for any special event. They can be as formal or as casual as you’d like. They can be simple and sophisticated for wedding celebrations, or fabulously fun-filled for birthdays. All it takes are a handful of creative ideas that you can mix and match to suit your special event. To get you started, here are several party ideas for your very own awesome Asian-inspired party:   Invitations All parties start with the invitations. The invitations are what set the mood and expectations. They tell your guests what kind of party you’ll be having, what they should be wearing and what wonderful things may be in store for them at the party or what they may be missing if they don’t come!   To achieve Asian-inspired invitations for formal events, opt for red and gold, or simply use Asian-inspired patterns like Chinese characters, Buddhas or bamboos. For more casual parties, you can opt for more unusual invitations, like a fortune cookie with your invitation slip inside, an origami invitation, or an oriental tea bag with your invitation on the tag. Whatever your invitation, make sure you add all the necessary details including encouraging your guests to come in their best Asian-inspired attire.   Decorations Decorations play a major part in tying the whole Asian-theme together. There are plenty of creative Asian-inspired decorations available online and in stores, but there are also plenty that you can create on your own. The most common decorations you could use are Chinese paper lanterns, paper fans and oriental umbrellas. The fans can be used to decorate your chairs, or as place markers that your guests can take home. Oriental umbrellas can be given to each guest as they enter the party to give them that oriental feel the moment they walk in; the umbrellas can also serve as beautiful lighting fixtures when hung upside down with lights above them.   For table centrepieces, you can use vases decorated simply with white orchids and bamboo, or a candle-lit Chinese lantern. You can also use small tabletop fountains with smooth black stones to instantly get that Zen feel.   To welcome your guests, a Shoji screen can be used to frame the doorway or to divide parts of the room. You can also purchase or create a cardboard pagoda or oriental arch to decorate the doorway.   Music and Entertainment What’s a party without some music and entertainment? To keep the mood going in your Asian-inspired party, make sure to play traditional oriental music. For entertainment, you can set up an area where guests can play games like Chinese checkers or mah-jong, learn origami or how to write simple Chinese or Japanese characters. You can also hire dragon dancers or invite local Karate or Judo schools for a demonstration.   Favours and Prizes Make sure your party stays with your guests even after it’s over by giving them Asian-inspired favours and prizes. Fill up Chinese take-away bags with Asian-inspired books, anime comic books, mini Buddhas, chopsticks, handfans, a selection of teas, a bottle of Sake and of course, fortune cookies.   Food If there’s one reason you simply must hold an Asian-inspired party, it has to be the food! When choosing Asian food for your party, make sure to consider the preferences of your guests- not everyone may enjoy eating sushi or seafood, so make sure you serve an array of Asian food choices. Asian food offers plenty of delicious options from Chinese to Malaysian to Indian, so there’s always something for everybody’s taste. To make it easy on yourself, have an Asian restaurant cater for your party, like Palms Restaurant. No other Asian restaurant in Melbourne offers Asian food like we do. We offer an extensive menu of Chinese, Malaysian and Indian food inspired by the tastes and cultures of Asia. Bring Asia to life in your next celebration with Palms Restaurant, and you’re sure to have one truly Asian and awesome party you and your guests won’t soon forget! Share this…FacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedin